Q. How much hiking is involved in our hunts?

A. While our hunts are conducted via horseback or ATV you can still expect some hiking but the amount of hiking depends on the type of hunt you are on.  On a typical Dall sheep hunt most clients should expect to hike about 4 miles a day as we use the horses to get up to our high mountain spike camp but from there you are usually on foot.  On a moose hunt clients should expect to hike about 2 miles a day.  Most moose hunts are conducted by riding the horses or ATV to a high glassing knob in a high moose traffic area and then putting a stalk onto a moose.  

Q.  Where do flights into the field leave from?

A.  Flights into the hunting areas usually leave from Fairbanks so we suggest that when clients come to Alaska they make flight arrangements into Fairbanks as opposed to Anchorage.  If you do happen to fly into Anchorage there are a few ways to travel to Fairbanks.  First clients can take a connecting flight through either alaska airlines or era alaska, both companies offer non-stop service from Anchorage to Fairbanks http://www.alaskaair.com/, http://www.flyera.com/.  Second clients can take the train from Anchorage to Fairbanks, this is the link to their homepage where reservations can be made http://alaskarailroad.com/.  The train is usually cheaper but it does take about twelve hours so plan accordingly.  Lastly clients can rent a car and drive from Anchorage to Fairbanks just be prepared because it is a six to eight hour drive depending on how many stops you want to make.  Rampage Alaska is not responsible for these travel arrangements, but we can arrange for pick up once in Fairbanks. 

Q.  Is there a lot of resident hunters in our area?

A.  This is a question we get asked a lot as many clients would like to know about the hunting pressure in our game management units.  There are two areas that we hunt in.  The first area is a non-motorized area which is why many of our hunts are conducted via horseback.  Because this area is non-motorized there is not much hunting pressure from residents.  The second area that we hunt in is motorized but does not have any roadside access making it difficult to get to so it is unlikely that clients will see another person other than our guides and packers.  

Q.  Do clients get to keep the meat from their trophies?

A.  That is completely up to the client, some clients choose to take only the high grade cuts of meat home with them while others choose to take the entire animal and some clients choose to only take the trophy.  Rampage Alaska is not liable for the costs of shipping the meat back to the client's home although we can help to get the meat from the field to the transporter.  We usually suggest that clients use Santa's smokehouse for their meat processing needs, they can be reached at 907-456-3885.  As for transport of the meat to the lower 48 we have found that the Alaska Express works the best for transport.  Charlie from Alaska express will pick up antlers and fully processed moose meat in Fairbanks and drive it to the lower 48 for a flat rate.  To inquire more about his services visit his website at http://www.alaskameatexpress.com.  

Q.  What happens to the trophy when the hunt is over?

A.  First off any sheep, black bear, grizzly bear or wolf has to be sealed by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game or a state trooper BEFORE clients leave the state of Alaska with their trophy.  At the end of the hunt trophies and meat will be transported into town.  Clients can choose to have trophies mounted here in Alaska or if they have a specific taxidermist they would like to have do the mount we can arrange to have the trophy shipped (rampage alaska does not cover the shipping cost). 

Q.  How can clients get their meat and trophies shipped out of Alaska? 

A.  If clients would like to have their trophy shipped out of Alaska for mounting then we can arrange to have it transported down to the expediter we use in Anchorage.  We use a company called D&C expediters to have trophies sent to the lower 48 or to another country depending on the client's needs.  Here is a link to their website to inquire about pricing http://www.dandcexpediters.com .  

Q.  Where can clients get a copy of the Alaska hunting regulations?

A.  A copy of the Alaska hunting regulations can be found on the Alaska Department of Fish and Game website at http://www.adfg.alaska.gov/index.cfm?adfg=regulations.main